Thursday, March 1, 2012

Grab a coffee. Let's talk kid's sports!

Welcome to my newest blog!

First, some background. I've been involved in House League sports for over 35 years. As a player, coach, referee and other volunteer, I've seen a lot, but certainly not all. Each trip to the arena, pitch, field, diamond or whatever venue rarely surprises and never disappoints. Sadly, I'm not referring to the action on the playing surface, which can go either way. I'm talking about the action on the sidelines, in the stands and off the field. And that's why I started this blog. Hopefully, I can reach the right people.

It's Only House League (Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, Football, Track, Dance, etc etc)!!!

Now that that's out there, allow me to explain. First, read this article from CBC. If you want more, Google Crazy Sports Parents and have a read. I`m not going to rehash the stupid antics of emotionally-charged soccer moms or the rants of baseball dads - this Blog will address different topics and how leagues and coaches can address and fix these problems. I`ve also got some great ideas for league administrators to make their leagues better.

After all, House League sports is all about the most important people in our lives: Our Children!

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